Leading the charge in sustainability

Offering the world’s most beautiful kitchens at the lowest impact to our environment – we keep our process simple, fine-tuning our operations and products to be as efficient as possible.

Our Forests in Mind

From our use of particle boards to the benefits of our pressed paper finishes, Matinno is the most environmentally conscious kitchen on the market. Our engineered wood surfaces are made with a combination of sustainable forestry, sawmill-by-products and recycled wood.

Just Take a Deep Breath

All our surfaces are thermofused, and emit the Lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the industry. Traditional wood coated with stains and varnished emits approximately 70% VOC.

VOC emision comparison


All wood products are well below the permissible formaldehyde limits, which meet high US standards. Through careful selection of wood materials and our suppliers, we have succeeded in meeting the guidelines for emissions in accordance with CARB2 93120 and TSCA title 6. The materials are subject to permanent monitoring and contain neither pesticides nor insecticides. We are also not aware of any other harmful emissions. The furniture is manufactured according to industrial methods and standards.